When your hardwood floor gets wet, it can be a real disaster. At first, the damage is not very obvious, you wipe the wet wood off with a towel and all seems fine. You think Hey that wasn’t so bad, I am all set. But then a day or so later the wood floorboards start to cup, the edges of the boards lift and you go, OH NO!!! That’s when panic sets in. At this point your not sure what to do, what can be done to save or dry the wet wooden floor. Your mind is spinning and you are calculating all the costs and headaches involved in replacing the floor. Then you go into denial-(because it’s cheaper). But then that sets off the second panic attack you think, if I don’t act fast I could get mold damage.

Then you read some online stuff to try and figure out what to do, and they say just put a fan on the floor and you should be all set, and maybe add a dehumidifier. That will do it, ya not so much, would be nice if it worked but it is really more of a placebo effect than any kind of solution. Real hardwood floor drying can work well but it is not simple at all, the results, however, can be awesome. Most wet hardwood floors that we dry, are dry and flat and require no further repair work, not even refinishing. We clean up our drying equipment, return your furniture to its proper place and we are done. No demolition, mess, or hassle of reconstruction.

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