There’s nothing quite like a house fire. Emotions are running rampant, and you’re scared and tired — and the following days are rough. But it is possible to rebuild your life after a fire. Start with fire damage restoration and cleanup, then move on from there.

How to Deal with the Emotional Aspects of a Residential Fire

When a fire tears apart your home, the coming days will be incomprehensible. What happens now? It’s the question on every homeowner’s mind. The tips we’ve gathered below will help your path to recovery.

  • Family First — Your family is the most essential thing in the world, so focus on them. If necessary, reach out to a local disaster relief service for help with food, temporary shelter and clothing. Then, get some rest.
  • Keep Safe — You’ll likely want to enter your home to assess the damage and salvage some items. We urge you to let our team go in first. After a fire, there’s always the risk of falling debris, holes, weakened structural supports, broken glass and smoke contamination.
  • Replace Valuable Documents — Chances are you couldn’t grab everything you needed on the way out. You’ll want to replace lost documents and call your insurance company soon. Remember to get marriage, birth and death certificate replacements.
  • Seek Support — Again, you’re not alone. Find a support network in friends and family to recuperate after a house fire. If possible, stay with someone close for the time being.
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