Commercial Restoration

Our commercial water damage restoration service is focused on removing water as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.  We use our technology to remove water and minimize the damage to your property.  The process involves drying out the area by soaking up the water and later on cleaning the area thoroughly with a disinfectant agent in order to prevent the growth of mold.  One Stop Restoration with a specialized team and the most advanced tools and equipment will perform the flood cleanup and water damage restoration.

How We Handle the Flood Clean-up

  1. Remove furniture and other items
  2. Extract water with a pump
  3. Remove the remaining water with a vacuum
  4. Pick up damaged items
  5. Dry out the area with fans and dehumidifiers
  6. Clean and disinfect
  7. Rebuild or replace

What Do We Need From you?

The most important thing you can do as a homeowner, property manager, or business owner is to notify us immediately.  It is key to removing water and the earlier it is done, the less damage occurs.  You should call One Stop Restoration as soon as possible so we can access your home or business and start the process.

You must be aware that floods bring mold which grows inside your home or business if not only cleaned properly, but immediately.  Mold is hazardous to your health and has to be removed quickly.  In addition, a flood brings moisture and wetness which also has to be dried and removed.  Therefore you have to take action immediately and call One Stop Restoration Services so we assess and determine the damage and start the process in order to clean up after the flood damage to restoring your property to it’s original condition before the damage.

Why One Stop Restoration?

We are the right fire and smoke restoration firm for your emergencies because of the following:

24/7 Availability
Modern Equipment
Quality Insurance Cover