Mold Remediation & Testing

If you believe that you may have mold growing in your home, then it’s time you contact an expert mold testing and remediation firm.  Look no further than One Stop Restoration when you want a team that can professionally inspect your home for possible mold growth and help take the necessary action.

We have a team of experts that are well experienced and motivated to ensure that you live in a mold-free environment.  Of course our process is pretty simple.  The team at One Stop Restoration begins by performing a thorough inspection of your premises.  The inspection includes testing for potential mold to safeguard your health and safety as well as that of your family members or employees.  If we find that there is a mold issue in your home during testing, we can arrange to provide prompt and professional mold remediation services there on the spot.

We understand your concerns for your family or employees well being.  We also understand that it can be pretty hard knowing for sure whether mold is growing in your home or not.  If you were a recent victim of a water emergency, such as a flooded basement, burst pipe, roof leak, appliance malfunction, etc, then there is a possibility of mold infestation.  Apart from the irritation that mold spores can cause to the eyes, throat, and nose, they can also cause other health issues as well.  Hence the need to alert us if you have experienced any of these problems recently.

Our Mold Testing and Indentification Procedures are Top-notch

We ensure that no mold goes unnoticed.  We adopt different testing options to keep your property thoroughly tested. Some special devices that we use to test your property for possible mold infestations include; humidity gauges, moisture meters, digital cameras, and borescopes.

Before we begin any remediation, our team will first provide a detailed  recommendation along with the cost up front based on the results of our testing.

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Why One Stop Restoration?

We are the right fire and smoke restoration firm for your emergencies because of the following:

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