In moments when the unthinkable happens to your home or business you need a full service disaster reconstruction and restoration service.  You’ll need such services when your home or property is either wholly damaged or partially damaged.

Worried about how you will handle the entire process? Don’t worry.  One Stop Restoration has you covered. With some of the most experienced technicians in Atlanta, you can expect nothing short of topnotch services when you hire us for your reconstruction.  From debris removal to water removal and drying, as well as other reconstruction services, you can expect us to bring the expertise that we are known for to your home or business. Our professionals are equipped to tackle any reconstruction service; hence, nothing is too much for us.  The reputation we’ve built for ourselves, as well as our honesty, makes us stand out as Atlanta’s first choice for the reconstruction services that you will need.

With One Stop Restoration, you can rest assured that you are past the worries of experiencing the pitfalls that come with working with run-of-the-mill contractors.  Our services are not just fast, but they are also affordable and high quality, each ensuring that you have the best for at a low cost.  Our professionals are always available to offer free estimates for your reconstruction needs.  When we offer free estimates, we do not laden you with hidden costs and surprises like most others contractors do. In fact, the team at One Stop Restoration always thrive to guarantee your satisfaction. 

Contact us today to get a full-service quote for all of your reconstruction needs.

One stop restoration Atlanta GA trucks on job site

We are just a phone call away with the most competitive prices for reconstruction in Atlanta.  Be assured that we will amaze you with our professionalism.  We understand that moments like this will leave you feeling overwhelmed.  We certainly sympathize with you and want to help you bounce back in every way possible.  Hence, we’ve ensured that the cost of our reconstruction services is priced fairly.  Part of the reason why we always stand out is we are cautious with our selection process.  We ensure that only the best technicians in each area are recruited and sent to your property when the need for reconstruction services arise.

Why One Stop Restoration?

We are the right fire and smoke restoration firm for your emergencies because of the following:

24/7 Availability
Modern Equipment
Quality Insurance Cover
One stop restoration reconstruction services
One stop restoration reconstruction services

    One Stop Restoration
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    Irene FordIrene Ford
    12:53 28 Jul 23
    Everyone was friendly; yet, so professional and hard working. I am totally satisfied with the results.
    mille poppenmille poppen
    19:55 26 Jun 23
    One Stop, has been very professional and caring about my flood in my basement. They helped me with my insurance company. I hope I don’t have to call them again, but if I have another home disaster, One Stop, Will be my first call.
    One Stop Restoration is a great company and I would recommend them highly. Each crew was very professional and made sure all our questions were answered. Omer was quick to respond to calls and text messages. We are very satisfied with the completed work.
    Lauren CoppolaLauren Coppola
    17:53 24 May 23
    While we were out of town during Christmas, we had a pipe burst on the top floor of our house causing catastrophic flooding to the rest of our home. We found OneStop online and Nave came out that same day to help, which was amazing considering the rest of Atlanta also had burst pipes. Nave calmly walked us through the entire house (we were in shock as water had poured down our walls), documenting everything for us so that he could work with our insurance company. His team worked incredibly fast to dry out our home and undertake the demolition process. We had everything dry and demolished within 5 days of calling OneStop. Our neighbors waited weeks for their contractors to begin the process. We appreciated Nave's guidance and experience in dealing with insurance companies, as we had never experienced anything like this before. He took care of everything - including recommending the best movers to help us clear out, inspect, and store our belongings so his team could begin the demolition. Additionally, every contractor or company Nave recommended to us along the way has been fantastic to work with. We highly recommend One Stop Restoration to anyone who has the unfortunate experience of having to conduct any kind of damage/mitigation/restoration work on their home. They truly are a "one stop" operation, which is crucial in such stressful situations. Thank you, Nave and Team!
    Kathi GregoryKathi Gregory
    17:24 24 May 23
    This company was recommended to me by a technician from another company who was on another job at my house. I called them and they've just completed sheetrock, painting and replacement carpet following water damage in a closet in my basement. They completed the work on time and all the workers were efficient and very polite. They all worked extremely hard. I am so glad I found them and would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks for a job well done!!
    Elizabeth BraschElizabeth Brasch
    17:57 24 Apr 23
    We had water damage in the basement of our home due to a pipe bursting. One Stop came on scene quickly to immediately remove all of the damage. They were quick and efficient, and cleaned up after themselves. They were excellent to work with, and we have since recommended them to friends who also had a positive experience with their services.
    Neil HNeil H
    19:40 17 Apr 23
    Good service and responsive. They were a big help during the pipe freeze in Atlanta of December 2022. When all other companies were too busy Nave, the owner, and his crew was a huge help with my demo and and clean up.
    Robin CroyRobin Croy
    20:10 15 Mar 23
    I’m so thankful that I used One Stop Restoration. Nave was amazing and on top of everything! His crew was always on time and the quality of there work was exceptional! Thank you so much for putting my house back together better than it was before.
    Wendy PWendy P
    15:55 03 Mar 23
    As a result of the freeze that occurred over Christmas 2022, I returned from 10-Day holiday to a burst water pipe and catastrophic damage to my home. OneStop met me to assess the damage within hours of my call. Everyone from this outfit- Nave, Nate, Leigh and the rest of their team was responsive, courteous and professional. From the initial assessment of damages, to coordinating removal and storage of my homes contents, to demo, removal and treatment of the effected areas of my home, they were swift and took great care to be thorough throughout the process. This is definitely the shop to engage if you have the misfortune to be in need of mitigation.
    Viktoria NurpeisovViktoria Nurpeisov
    00:25 14 Jan 23
    Hi,It was an excellent group of workers. They are so patient, hardworking, dedicated and caring. They took time to explain all details. We would like to recommend them to everyone.Thank youIrina and Leo
    Kathy HutchsonKathy Hutchson
    15:18 25 Oct 22
    They came immediately after we had vandals break in and turn on our water! They were quick, efficient, kind and so tidy! We cannot say enough good things about this company! Highly recommend to anyone! Thanks guys!
    murad abdullahmurad abdullah
    23:53 29 Aug 22
    it was a pleasure to work with One Stop from 1st call. Very professional and reliable. They have an amazing team to get job done on time. Highly recommended !!
    Racheal WoodsRacheal Woods
    22:25 08 Aug 22
    The OneStop Restoration team was very professional and communicative for the entire process. I called the minute I noticed water leaking in my home and they were there with 2 hours. The quality of the work was great and the guys were very polite. Thank you to the entire team!
    Ashar NaseerAshar Naseer
    00:15 24 Jul 22
    Fantastic! That is how I would describe my experience with the One Stop Restoration team. Even though having my bathroom and downstairs ceiling flooded is a very stressful situation these guys came through, and exceeded my expectations.First of all they were the only ones who responded to a late night call. The other so called pros open 24/7 did not even pick up the phone. The Manager Omer was at my house within 30 minutes, assessed the damage and setup dehumidifiers. He got his team over first thing in the morning and they spent the entire day with the remediation process.They also do restoration and work with insurance to make this a pleasant experience. As others have stated their calm and reassurance in this crisis is what is amazing. No one should have to go through dealing with water or fire damage but if you do, please call One Stop right away. You will be glad that you did!
    Mark ReedMark Reed
    18:24 06 Jun 22
    We experienced a water leak in the laundry due to failed pressure reducing valve, expansion tank, and hot water valve that caused damage to the tile floors in the laundry room and neighboring half-bath plus water damage in the basement. The mitigation team was quite responsive, immediately removing the water damaged tile, sheetrock, wood trim, etc. and dried out the affected areas over the weekend. Celso did a great job restoring to new the damaged areas, working closely with me to make sure that the stains and paints matched the surrounding ceiling, walls, posts, and trim. His tile work was well done. You would be hard pressed to see any difference between the old areas and the recently restored areas. I highly recommend One Stop Restoration's mitigation and restoration services.
    Ashwini DirringAshwini Dirring
    18:10 21 Mar 22
    In December, my husband and son found that our expansion tank on our water heater had a pinhole leak and water was spraying up towards the ceiling, quickly flooding the surrounding area in our basement. I called Omi at One Stop Restoration and he was at our home within the hour and sent his team shortly after. My husband had shut off the water and wet vacuumed the area until Omi’s team came. They worked quickly to soak up the remaining water, take down walls that were wet, and put multiple dehumidifiers over 3 days to completely dry out the area. I called our insurance company and Omi was super helpful in getting them what they needed to move forward with the claim.Omi was very patient as I had to reschedule multiple times for the repair. We were very satisfied with the work and customer service of One Stop Restoration. We highly recommend One Stop Restoration for your water mitigation and restoration needs.
    We had a massive leak in our basement. Omer saved the day, literally. We cannot recommend this company enough.
    Kimberley KnowsKimberley Knows
    13:20 23 Feb 22
    We woke up to our kitchen ceiling raining. This being my first home, I was panicking and had no clue what to do. At 7:20 am, I called one stop. Nave answered and was professional, empathetic and knowledgeable. He walked me through what to do and within 30 minutes, he had a team at our house. Nave and Umer removed the water quickly and ensured no mold. They worked carefully and soooo quickly! They truly earned every star!
    Xiaobin WangXiaobin Wang
    15:15 16 Feb 22
    One stop is a great company to work with. Very professional and responsive. Strongly recommend for other customer.
    Anthony WaguespackAnthony Waguespack
    02:15 02 Feb 22
    Hurricane Ida caused roofing damage to our home and we were in need of Mitigation Services. After we parted ways with a different Mitigation outfit for suspicious issues, One Stop Restoration came to our rescue. With calm reassurances and utmost professionalism the Crew of One Stop Restoration removed all the water damaged and saturated drywall and insulation. Although our insurance company was slow to provide payment for disaster claims and mitigation services, Omer Barazani the Operations Manager skillfully and with greater patience than I have took care of the Insurance Issues the company tried to play. Mr. Barazani is a class individual, a consummate professional in his field and extremely skilled and knowledgeable in disaster mitigation. One Stop is highly recommended. Thanks Mr Barazani and everyone with One Stop for all their assistance in helping us with Hurricane Ida damage to our home.Anthony & Jeanne Waguespack
    Hayden LockhartHayden Lockhart
    15:35 18 Jan 22
    Nave and his team were responsive and immediately addressed my concerns. They were able to advise on a path forward and walked me through the process. We plan to use them for remodeling and will update this review.
    Myredith MomonganMyredith Momongan
    12:48 21 Nov 21
    This is my second time working with OneStop and they once again have done an amazing job! We had a leaky pipe in our upstairs bathroom so we reached out to OneStop to help with the remediation and remodel. Omer, Nave and their team were responsive, punctual, polite and the quality of their work is unmatched. They were extremely helpful, easy to work with, and we couldn't be more pleased with the remodel. They really go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied and are willing to assist throughout the entire process. I highly recommend their business!
    Nick HuntNick Hunt
    14:53 11 Sep 21
    I had a major leak that completely saturated our upstairs master closet and the guest bathroom downstairs. Since this was on an exterior wall the insulation, drywall, carpet and tile had to be removed and replaced. This happened late on a Friday evening and I was frantically calling every number possible for help but most businesses were closed. One Stop Restoration was the only business I could reach. Nave came out early the next morning to assess the damages. He immediately scheduled his crew to come in and rip out the wet materials and start drying everything out before mold began to grow. Nave helped work with insurance on both the water remediation and repairs and made the process very easy for me. One Stop Restoration was great to work with and I would highly recommend.
    ori Eizenbergori Eizenberg
    12:07 11 Sep 21
    Great Service!They were fast and did a great jobI have used few times already always with excellent results
    Porsche HarrisPorsche Harris
    17:18 04 Aug 21
    After a horrible storm, Omri and his team came and we’re very understanding of my frustrations and quickly took care of everything, all I had to do was contact my homeowners insurance and they took care of the rest. The repair was done beautifully and I’m happy the nightmare is over. Good Team.
    sagi shkedisagi shkedi
    14:56 27 Jul 21
    I highly recommend to use the service of one stop restoration, highly professionals, responsive and advisable . Thanks alot one stope restoration team!
    Nir ValtmanNir Valtman
    00:30 22 Jun 21
    Omer and his team arrived the day the floor was flooded and responded to the issue rapidly. They worked directly with my insurance company and kept my mind clear, which is a big plus when working with contractors. Then, he was patient until the insurance paid everything off and helped me to go through the hurdle of understanding the process from end to end. I will definitely continue working with Omer next time.
    Moshiko CohenMoshiko Cohen
    11:48 16 Jun 21
    Gotta say a good word for these guys.. extremely professional and honest! Was a pleasure!
    Linda HadarLinda Hadar
    13:57 14 May 21
    What a professional service - I reached out to the owner in regards to a water damage that leaked from second floor to dining room on first floor. The owner replied fast, I had people at the house the next day! They made sure there’s no mold, cleaned and dried the ceiling, replaced dry wall and painted it all. The house is being rented and there was a minimum disturbance to tenant as they kept it all covered and contained to prevent dust all over. It’s such a pleasure finding good quality service , thank you 🙏
    Joyce PeacockJoyce Peacock
    23:44 17 Apr 21
    I recommend this company highly. I experienced a ruptured water pipe which leaked over several months which caused an accumulation of mold of the crawl space of the entire house. My house was built in the late forties and is structured on very low to nearly none supporting beams. So, inspecting the damage was most challenging. The job was such a major undertaking that three companies declined to accept the job. One-Stop-Restoration, however, after they conducted a through examination, accepted the job. Omer explained to me step by step what was needed to ensure safety of occupancy and what was required to resolve the mold and structural repair. He explained his goal was to improve my home better than it was prior to the water damage. I had to move out of my home and all of my furniture and clothing as well. One-Stop-Restoration assured me my furniture and clothing would be packaged and stored professionally. I was impressed with the employees as I observed them packaging and labelling my most precious china and furniture. They returned all of my belongings, reassembled them, and placed each item in the appropriate rooms. Upon completing the job, I was aghast when I entered my house. It was like walking into a new home! Again, I highly recommend One-Stop- Restoration.
    Johana MillerJohana Miller
    16:47 19 Mar 21
    Nave and his team were quick to handle our water mitigation. I didn't know much about the process but he was careful to explain and get his people to handle all that was needed. I would highly recommend.
    Weatherly LangsettWeatherly Langsett
    18:21 25 Jan 21
    Had a fantastic experience w/ One Stop Restoration! After looking at a number of vendors to fix water damage from an AC unit, I'm so glad I went with One Stop Restoration - the team was prompt and professional and the end product was incredible.
    praveen koteshwarapraveen koteshwara
    03:14 30 Dec 20
    I was working with Omer from One Stop. They are very knowledgeable, and they explain everything in detail. They also did remodeling, put new wooden floors and did excellent work.
    Taylor LongTaylor Long
    15:15 14 Oct 20
    After a massive rain storm in Atlanta from the aftermath of a hurricane - these guys were the only company out of 5 that we called who could make it out on such short notice. We came home to 4+ inches of water in our garage as well as our entire basement and their team showed up within an hour. They were very responsive, timely and professional. Really appreciate their work and sense of urgency. I would highly recommend this company!!
    john mikejohn mike
    18:41 18 Aug 20
    One Stop Restoration was amazing from start to finish! From the time that I called them in the early morning when we recognized the water line break to moving back in, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. The rep was amazing in helping me work with my insurance company to make sure everything was restored and we weren't being pushed around. We had water damage to almost every room in our house and they did an incredible job of bringing everything back to better than it was before. During a very traumatic time I was very happy to have these guys on my side leading the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
    hanna younghanna young
    13:01 18 Aug 20
    I am extremely pleased with the work that One Stop Restoration provided during an extremely stressful situation. The crew that they sent was very professional and respectful. I highly recommend this company and will readily use them again.
    Cynthia JamesCynthia James
    08:55 16 Aug 20
    My business condo unit suffered serious water damage; worse, it wasn't insured.They worked hard to keep down the costs of removal and abatement. The crew did a thorough job and made it easier for me to start the build back afterwards. The third-party lab tests prove all was done properly. I am very happy with the work performed by One Stop Restoration and recommend them highly.
    alexander robertsalexander roberts
    05:28 16 Aug 20
    These guys are amazing! They really come through when you need them. My basement flooded because of a faulty sump pump and I had quite a mess. They explained in detail what needed to be done then got right to work. I knew right away we were in good hands.Thanks for helping us out!
    Jeff AdixJeff Adix
    05:07 16 Aug 20
    When our basement flooded, these guys came immediately and took charge. The water was gone quickly and the drying and sanitizing began. Very thorough, efficient, personable and not afraid to do the dirty work. Could not recommend One Stop Restoration more .
    Ernest StewartErnest Stewart
    10:02 10 Aug 20
    We hired One Stop Restoration because of a clean water leak in a bathroom that extended to a few other rooms in the house. They were extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. Friendly and flexible too.When the water damage is bad they are the ones to call. They take care of everything, calm and efficient. Just a joy to work with.
    Jasmine JasonJasmine Jason
    09:52 30 Jul 20
    One Stop Restoration team , did a great job mitigating the water damage my home experienced from a plumbing leak. They answered all of my questions and was very helpful interfacing with the insurance company. they cleaned and prepared my home for repair perfectly. They were prompt and respectful of my time and property. Their communication via email and telephone was excellent. I highly recommend One Stop Restoration. I hope I never have another plumbing leak but if I do I know who to call.
    Frankline JoeFrankline Joe
    11:42 21 Jul 20
    I was very happy after hiring One Stop Restoration to handle the water remediation for a leak in the ceiling of a bedroom. The rep answered a lot of questions over the phone about the process of fixing the issue (asbestos testing, water remediation, mold clearance testing, restoration/repairs) & how to handle the home insurance claims. I found that conversation very valuable & gave me confidence in choosing One Stop Restoration rep was able to come promptly to see the issue & I was provided a fair estimate right away. The job started & everything went smoothly as planned. Very happy with results.Highly recommend One Stop Restoration for water remediation if you have water damage!
    Evans FranklineEvans Frankline
    13:30 17 Jul 20
    We highly recommend One Stop Restoration in assisting with our various water mitigation and remediation projects. We appreciate their team's hard work and professionalism from start to finish. They promptly responded to our calls in the early morning and provided a certificate of drydown, approved inspection report and a detailed report listing what was done after each project was finished. We will be contacting them in the future for our other properties. We have also recommended One Stop Restoration to our colleagues in the area. Thank you for everything!
    Dr. Lewis W GregoryDr. Lewis W Gregory
    11:26 16 Jul 20
    I contacted Omer at One Stop Restoration because our basement was showing signs of efflorescence. He was very helpful in explaining what that is and what should be done to correct it. Unlike many business today, he did not try to get me to spend money on things we did not need. He appeared to genuinely want to help us correct the problem in the least expensive and most effective way possible. He was easy to work with and very attentive to details. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend his company. LG
    Silvia SenesSilvia Senes
    17:47 14 Jul 20
    One Stop Restoration did an amazing job after we had a leaky pipe ruined our hw floors, walls and baseboards. They managed everything with the insurance company, providing photos to document the damage and coordinating the work with the crews. They were flexible due to the pandemic and waited until we felt comfortable with crews at home. Once started, everything went as scheduled. The final result is excellent! If you're looking for a true one stop company that will handle it all, from disaster to sparkling clean, this is it! A very happy customer 😊
    Macus ThompsonMacus Thompson
    08:38 14 Jul 20
    Being new to Atlanta and new to owning a home, experiencing water damage was rough. Thankfully through I found One Stop Restoration. I highly recommend them! Honest, hardworking, and responsive. He was available every step of the way to address my questions. They quickly started mitigation, kept the place clean and did a great job. The water damage was extensive and horrible as to be expected, but finding One Stop Restoration made it so much better and manageable. Hopefully I don't need them again, but if I do, I'd definitely use them again.
    Ben MburuBen Mburu
    15:10 07 Jul 20
    Trust worthy, reliable and honest. Always available to answer any questions. Thank you for getting the job done the RIGHT way.
    Connor WilsonConnor Wilson
    11:14 30 Jun 20
    One Stop Restoration were awesome! I had wall discoloration and damage from a leak upstairs. They were able to clean/patch things up so it looks nice and seamless again, and for a great deal. Walls looks great!
    Jerry CreekbaumJerry Creekbaum
    23:58 28 Jun 20
    Great team and price. Had a wet basement repair with mold and Omar and crew were able to make quick work of the project. Would definitely recommend and One-Stop-Restoration...
    Adrian MartensAdrian Martens
    10:38 22 Jun 20
    My pipe burst in my basement and water was flowing everywhere, I quickly called this business to come remedy the situation and they never let me down. Great and commendable job.
    Craig PawsonCraig Pawson
    10:48 17 Jun 20
    We had a toilet that leaked and that caused hardwood floors outside the bathroom to swell. The crew was very prompt in responding and assessing the situation and giving us a quote. Their quote was the most reasonable amongst others and he and his crew took the remedial action very quickly. He was very professional and helpful and prompt in his response. I will highly recommend their service.
    Udi PerezUdi Perez
    05:22 22 May 20
    I’ve been working with Omer for a while now and always had great experience with him. He’s very responsive and make sure to take care of any issue that comes up. His crew is always professional And Get the job done the right way. I would highly recommend using him for your next water damage or Waterproofing issues.
     Eran Marks Eran Marks
    17:46 25 Apr 20
    Our water filter got broke and all of our main floor was flooded, We called One Stop Restoration and Omer and his great team got here within the same hour!We had outstanding experience with a professional crew and great customer service!Will recommend to any of you guys that having an emergency situation!!!! 5 stars easy
    Stephanie IngeorgiaStephanie Ingeorgia
    02:20 10 Apr 20
    Words cannot explain how Blessed my family and I are to have met One stop restoration. These folks from beginning to end were awesome. Patience is and understatement. I have never worked with a contractor with as much patience as they had with us from beginning to end. Omer came multiple times to our home to not only ensure the job was done right but to make sure all of our needs were met. Literally an angel on earth for us when our basement flooded. The care and attention to our every need was outstanding. From the project manager Gustavo to the guys working on the repairs everyone was on time, respectful and extra careful with our home. We have no complaints. We are extremely happy with our end result. Thank you so much to all of them we have enjoyed our basement again.
    Kristi MartinezKristi Martinez
    21:52 09 Apr 20
    Omar has completed two water remediation and Rosie jobs at my home. His work is amazing. He works with your insurance company, quotes accurately, and starts and finishes as planned. His work is of the highest quality. Great communication. Would highly highly recommend
    Shira PerezShira Perez
    23:11 28 Mar 20
    As a real estate investor we have encountered many situation where we needed services for restoration. We only use one company; one stop restoration! They have been our go to guys for all our restoration needs. They never disappoint, they’re quick to respond, to do the work and to finish it in quickly! They understand the urgency in those situation And they always deliver. So as you understand I highly recommend them.
    Anna ThomasAnna Thomas
    01:56 07 Mar 20
    They were very kind and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job, Start to finish! I will definitely be using them again!
    alana sabelalana sabel
    02:17 26 Feb 20
    One-stop Restoration saved my house. They are really super hero’s. We had a horrible flood in the house and they responded immediately and showed up in no time. They were very professional and reasonably priced for the damage that was done. I couldn’t be more thankful for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
    Sam ShechterSam Shechter
    00:29 20 Feb 20
    This rainy week we had brought a great deal of disaster to my home, as anyone looking up water damage is going to understand. The good part about One Stop Restoration is that they made the situation far less stressful! My insurance agent even said I hired the right people. I am truly grateful - they were thoughtful, meticulous and very personable. I highly recommend them.
    The service from One Stop Restoration was great. Omer thank you and your crew for the great work they did on our home.Our basement got flooded from power failure sump pumpThey were on site right away after being called and helped get things dried out as quickly as possible.They were very accommodating when we had questions and concerns on the job. The reconstruction work was done well and after they finished up you would never know there was an issue.
    Nave EdelshteinNave Edelshtein
    12:48 12 Feb 20
    So we had a water and mold problem in one of our Property so we call few companies to come and get us a price for the water and mold remediation between three companies we called one stop restoration was the fastest to respond along with the best price to do the remediation. Omer and his crew were extremely kind and knowledgeable about what needs to be done and how, they completed the project quick and explain us how to prevent this from happening again. I definitely will recommend them to anyone that needs a restoration company
    yoni schwarzyoni schwarz
    15:53 07 Feb 20
    Great service! Everything was done professionally and promptly. I highly recommend them.We had no idea the full extent of the water damage until they showed us. Very professional. We could not have been more happy with the help they provide. Glad to have people so helpful in our tune of need.