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Sewage cleaning service

When you need sewage cleaning services, you want a team that will work as fast and efficiently as possible. Whether you’re dealing with an obvious backup issue or you’re trying to get to the bottom of that unpleasant odor in your home or office, our One Stop Restoration team is on the way to solve the problem without delay. We service communities all over the Atlanta area, and we consider sewage issues a top priority.

Here’s what you should know about calling a sewage cleaning service.

What causes sewage backup

Problems with your sewage system can happen for a number of reasons.

In some cases, the sewage plumbing is clogged or damaged, either because of materials that have been flushed down the drain or as the result of natural causes like tree roots and soil erosion.

Backups and overflows can also be caused by an overload on the system as the result of a heavy storm like the ones that are common here in Atlanta.

In some cases, sewage drainage problems will be obvious because there’s standing water in your home, office, or lawn. Other times, the signs of a sewage problem will be more subtle, such as:

  • A pervasive odor of rotten eggs
  • Constantly clogging toilets
  • Gurgling in your toilet
  • Slow draining in your sinks, showers, bathtub and outdoor drains.

Why calling in a professional team is so important

Even if you’re experienced with home improvement projects, sewage issues should always be handled by a professional team. Here’s why:

  • We have the proper PPE. Whenever we’re talking about human waste, there’s a risk for some nasty bacteria and viruses that are potentially life-threatening. Our team will arrive prepared to handle your sewage issue so that you stay safe.
  • We know how to proceed with caution to prevent injury and further damage. In addition to pathogens that exist in sewage and standing water, there are other risks associated with a sewage leak. Flooding can create electrical problems and gas line leaks that raise the risk for injury and further damage. We’re trained in properly assessing and preparing the site to stay safe while we work.
  • We use industry-grade equipment and cleaning supplies. Part of why we’re able to work so fast and thoroughly is because we use the most powerful, specialized equipment available. Working quickly isn’t just about making the process hassle-free for our customers. It’s also crucial in lowering the risk for mold growth.

Our step-by-step process

When we arrive on scene, we’ll go through a very specific clean-up process. Here’s what it looks like:

  • First, we’ll evacuate and section off the affected area. Because of the risk of contamination, it’s important that the area is clear while we do our work. We will also close off the affected area to prevent further contamination in other parts of your home or building.
  • Turn off any utilities that may interfere with the cleaning process. This includes the main power, gas lines, and water supply.
  • Start pumping out standing water and sewage. This is done with the use of specialized, high powered machines. The goal is to safely and quickly remove as much moisture as possible to reduce the risk of mold growth and the spread of airborne pathogens.
  • Assess and address the source of the leak. This is where having an experienced team present is really crucial. We know where sewer problems are most likely to arise and we have specialized tools to catch out-of-sight issues, which will reduce the amount of time spent looking for the source of the leak.
  • Remove and discard any contaminated materials. This may include drywall, insulation, electrical wiring, flooring, furniture, appliances, or any other items that have been affected in the flood. In some instances, these materials can be restored, while in others they will need to be replaced.
  • Sanitize the space. Any time you’re dealing with hazardous material, the sanitizing and deodorizing process must be thorough. Not only can we guarantee a thorough cleaning, but we’ll be sure to use the best quality supplies so that there’s no trace of the sewage problem.
  • Restore your home or office. Our final step will be to restore your home or office to its previous state—or even better! Whether you simply want your space back to the way it was or you had been thinking about making upgrades before the sewage issue, restoration is our team’s specialty.

Estimated costs of calling a sewage cleaning service

When you have sewage problems, there’s no other option than to call in a professional team. So, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost.

As you might have guessed, there are a few factors that will determine the overall cost, such as:

  • The source of the issue. Some sewage problems are more costly than others, so it’s important to know whether you’re dealing with a simple clog or something more intensive like a sewer line leak.
  • The extent of the damage. Everything from the size of the leak to the amount of time the water has been present will factor into the final cost. Additional problems like mold growth can also increase the overall restoration price.
  • The restoration plan. The clean-up and restoration process will differ from case-to-case. Some of our clients will choose to remodel their space, while others want the most affordable restoration plan.

The best way to get an idea of how much your sewage repairs will cost is to call for an estimate. That way, we can give you a more specific idea of what you may pay instead of relying on the national average, which is somewhere between $2,000 and $10,000 or more.

One Stop Restoration is happy to be your sewage clean-up crew

We understand that no one wants to have to deal with these kinds of issues, which is why we’re dedicated to fast, reliable service as soon as you call us. Whether you’re in Sweet Auburn, Emory Village, or anywhere else in Atlanta, call us at One Stop Restoration at the first sign of a sewage problem!


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